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  The Natural Products Journal

Volume 1 Issue 1
ISSN: 2210-3155

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Antimicrobial Properties of Plectranthus ornatus Extracts, 11-acetoxyhalima-5, 13-dien-15-oic Acid Metabolite and its Derivatives
pp.57-64 (8) Authors: Patricia Rijo, Benjamin Rodriguez, Aida Duarte, M. Fatima Simoes

An antimicrobial screening of six different extracts of Plectranthus ornatus, revealed anti-Gram positive bacteria activity for the acetone and methanol-water extracts. 11R*-Acetoxyhalima-5,13E-dien-15-oic acid (1), isolated from the acetone extract of P. ornatus, exhibited growth inhibitory activity against five Staphylococcus and five Enterococcus strains. [MIC values 15.62 μg/mL (43.15 μM) 62.50 μg/mL (172.65 μM)]. Diterpenes with a halimane skeleton are rarely isolated and their pharmacologic properties remain unknown. To study the potential of 1 as antibacterial prototype some derivatives (2-10) were obtained from 1 and the majority were tested against the same ten Gram positive bacteria. The more active was the (11R*,13E)-halima-5,13-diene-11,15-diol (4) with MIC values of 15.62 μg/mL (51.05 μM) to 31.25 μg/mL (102.12 μM). The preparation and spectroscopic data of 2 10 are also reported.

Keywords: 11R*-Acetoxyhalima-5, 13E-dien-15-oic acid, antimicrobial activity, diterpenes, halimane derivatives, labiatae, Plectranthus ornatus extracts, anti-Gram positive bacteria activity, ethnomedicinal plant, non-volatile components, clerodane
Affiliation: Faculdade de Farmacia da Universidade de Lisboa, iMed.UL, Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 1649-003 Lisboa, Portugal.

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