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  Current Angiogenesis

Volume 1 Issue 1
ISSN: 2211-5528

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pp.i-i (1) Author: Dipak Panigrahy

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Current Angiogenesis. There are now over 57,000 publications on PUBMED on angiogenesis. Our inaugural issue is dedicated to Dr. Judah Folkman, who founded the field of angiogenesis. Dr. Folkman proposed in 1971, against all conventional wisdom, that tumor growth required neovascularization, and that such “tumor angiogenesis” was induced by soluble factors produced by the tumor. We dedicate this journal to Dr. Folkman (1933-2008), a teacher and mentor to many, who has opened the world’s eye to the tissue context of tumors. His difficult uphill battle against the established paradigm of cell-autonomous growth, while focused on angiogenesis, has shined the first beam of light on the role of the host microenvironment which was hidden in the shadow of the quest for mutations that establish the oncogenic pathways in the cancer cell. Dr. Folkman’s seminal studies paved the way to the acceptance of the active role of the nonneoplastic, “host” cells in the tumor microenvironment. Pathological angiogenesis not only occurs in cancer, but in many non-neoplastic diseases he classified as “angiogenesis-dependent” diseases, a concept Dr. Folkman introduced in the early 1970’s. Thus, angiogenesis inhibitors optimized for the treatment of cancer could be used as therapeutic approaches for other angiogenic diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, psoriasis, atherosclerosis and arthritis. We hope you will find the articles in our inaugural issue informative. Clearly, much work lies ahead if we are to unravel the fascinating process of angiogenesis. We hope Current Angiogenesis may inspire you for further research.

Affiliation: Vascular Biology Program Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School Boston, MA, USA.

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