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  Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents)
ISSN: 1871-5206
eISSN: 1875-5992
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Volume 10
  Issue 1
  Editorial [Hot topic: Hepatocyte Growth Factor and cMET, New Development in Cancer Therapies (Guest Editors: T.A. Martin and W.G. Jiang)]
    pp.1-1 (1) Authors: T. A. Martin, W. G. Jiang
  Hepatocyte Growth Factor and Its Receptor Signalling Complex as Targets in Cancer Therapy
    pp.2-6 (5) Authors: Tracey A. Martin, Wen G. Jiang
  Discovery of Small Molecule c-Met Inhibitors: Evolution and Profiles of Clinical Candidates
    pp.7-27 (21) Authors: Ted L. Underiner, Torsten Herbertz, Sheila J. Miknyoczki
  An Orally Bioavailable c-Met Kinase Inhibitor Potently Inhibits Brain Tumor Malignancy and Growth
    pp.28-35 (8) Authors: Fadila Guessous, Ying Zhang, Charles diPierro, Lukasz Marcinkiewicz, Jann Sarkaria, David Schiff, Sean Buchanan, Roger Abounader
  Anti-Cancer Approach with NK4: Bivalent Action and Mechanisms
    pp.36-46 (11) Authors: Takahiro Nakamura, Katsuya Sakai, Toshikazu Nakamura, Kunio Matsumoto
  Hepatocyte Growth Factor Activation Inhibitors – Therapeutic Potential in Cancer
    pp.47-57 (11) Authors: Christian Parr, Andrew J. Sanders, Wen G. Jiang
  Application of Biological Study for Met Expression to Cancer Therapy
    pp.58-63 (6) Authors: Shinji Osada, Kazuhiro Yoshida
  The Type II Transmembrane Serine Protease, Matriptase-2: Possible Links to Cancer?
    pp.64-69 (6) Authors: Andrew J. Sanders, Siobhan L. Webb, Christian Parr, Malcolm D. Mason, Wen G. Jiang
  Barminomycin, a Model for the Development of New Anthracyclines
    pp.70-77 (8) Authors: K. Kimura, D. M.S. Spencer, R. Bilardi, L. P. Swift, A. J. Box, R. T.C. Brownlee, S. M. Cutts, D. R. Phillips
  Anticancer Activities and Mechanisms of Bisdioxopiperazine Compounds Probimane and MST-16
    pp.78-91 (14) Authors: Da-Yong Lu, Ting-Ren Lu
  Male Fertility-Implications of Anticancer Treatment and Strategies to Mitigate Gonadotoxicity
    pp.92-102 (11) Authors: Ahmed M. Ragheb, Edmund S. Sabanegh Jr.
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