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  Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinal Chemistry - Anti-Cancer Agents)
ISSN: 1871-5206
eISSN: 1875-5992
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Volume 12
  Issue 5
  EDITORIAL [Hot Topic: Peptide-Receptor Ligands in Imaging and Therapy of Cancer (Guest Editor: Dr. Paolo Ruzza)]
    pp.415-415 (1) Author: Paolo Ruzza
  Peptide-Receptor Ligands and Multivalent Approach
    pp.416-427 (12) Authors: Paolo Ruzza, Anna Marchiani, Nicola Antolini, Andrea Calderan
  Chelating Systems for 99mTc/188Re in the Development of Radiolabeled Peptide Pharmaceuticals
    pp.428-461 (34) Authors: Cristina Bolzati, Davide Carta, Nicola Salvarese, Fiorenzo Refosco
  Molecular Imaging of Cancer with Radiolabeled Peptides and PET
    pp.462-475 (14) Authors: Amy L. Vavere, Raffaella Rossin
  Optical and Multimodal Peptide-Based Probes for In Vivo Molecular Imaging
    pp.476-499 (24) Authors: Laura Melendez-Alafort, Pier Carlo Muzzio, Antonio Rosato
  Drug Targeting Strategies for Photodynamic Therapy
    pp.500-525 (26) Authors: Frederic Schmitt, Lucienne Juillerat-Jeanneret
  Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy with Somatostatin Analogues in Neuroendocrine Tumors
    pp.526-542 (17) Authors: Giampiero Giovacchini, Guillaume Nicolas, Flavio Forrer
  Boronated Compounds for Imaging Guided BNCT Applications
    pp.543-553 (11) Authors: Simonetta Geninatti-Crich, Annamaria Deagostino, Antonio Toppino, Diego Alberti, Paolo Venturello, Silvio Aime
  Genistein Potentiates the Anti-cancer Effects of Gemcitabine in Human Osteosarcoma via the Downregulation of Akt and Nuclear Factor-κB Pathway
    pp.554-563 (10) Authors: Chengzhen Liang, Hao Li, Chengchun Shen, Jianbo Lai, Zhongli Shi, Bing Liu, Hui-min Tao
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