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  Current Medicinal Chemistry-Anti-Cancer Agents
ISSN: 1568-0118
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Volume 4
  Issue 5
  Preface [Hot Topic: Special Editorial Board Issue (Guest Editor: Christian Bailly)]
    pp.i-i (1) Author: Christian Bailly
  Antitumor Pharmacology - Quo Vadis ?
    pp.389-391 (3) Authors: Christian Bailly, Jean-Marc Barret, Anna Kruczynski
  A Rational Selection of Drug Targets Needs Deeper Insights into General Regulation Mechanisms
    pp.393-394 (2) Author: Giovanni Capranico
  Prospects for Hypoxia-Activated Anticancer Drugs
    pp.395-399 (5) Author: William A. Denny
  Modelling and Simulation: A Computational Perspective in Anticancer Drug Discovery
    pp.401-403 (3) Author: Federico Gago
  Antifolates - Past, Present and Future
    pp.405-410 (6) Authors: Aleem Gangjee, Hiteshkumar D. Jain
  Monoclonal Antibodies in Cancer Therapy
    pp.411-414 (4) Author: Barbara Gatto
  Amplification of Anticancer Drug-Induced DNA Damage and Apoptosis by DNA-Binding Compounds
    pp.415-419 (5) Authors: Shosuke Kawanishi, Yusuke Hiraku
  Novel Molecular Targets in Cancer Chemotherapy Waiting for Discovery
    pp.421-423 (3) Author: Conrad Kunick
  Anticancer Agents: Towards the Future
    pp.425-427 (3) Author: Manlio Palumbo
  Camptothecins and Topoisomerase I; A Foot in the Door. Targeting the Genome Beyond Topoisomerase I with Camptothecins and Novel Anticancer Drugs; Importance of DNA Replication, Repair and Cell Cycle Checkpoints
    pp.429-434 (6) Author: Yves Pommier
  Combining DNA Damaging Agents and Checkpoint 1 Inhibitors
    pp.435-438 (4) Author: Michelle Prudhomme
  G-Quadruplex Interacting Agents Targeting the Telomeric G-Overhang Are More than Simple Telomerase Inhibitors
    pp.439-443 (5) Author: Jean-Francois Riou
  Optimizing Target Selection and Development Strategy in Cancer Treatment; The Next Wave
    pp.445-447 (3) Author: Edward A. Sausville
  Novel Oncogenic Protein Kinase Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy
    pp.449-455 (7) Author: Tomi K. Sawyer
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