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  Current Medicinal Chemistry-Anti-Cancer Agents
ISSN: 1568-0118
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Volume 5
  Issue 3
  DNA Helicases as Targets for Anti-Cancer Drugs
    pp.183-199 (17) Authors: Sudha Sharma, Kevin M. Doherty, Robert M. Brosh Jr.
  Prospects for Plant-Derived Chemopreventive Agents Exhibiting Multiple Mechanisms of Action
    pp.201-213 (13) Authors: L. M. Howells, M. M. Manson
  Synthesis and Biological Activity of New Class of Dioxygenated Anticancer Agents
    pp.215-237 (23) Authors: Maria Dolors Pujol, Manel Romero, Isabel Sanchez
  Anti-Cancer Potential of Sesquiterpene Lactones: Bioactivity and Molecular Mechanisms
    pp.239-249 (11) Authors: Siyuan Zhang, Yen-Kim Won, Choon-Nam Ong, Han-Ming Shen
  Cisplatin Is a DNA-Damaging Antitumour Compound Triggering Multifactorial Biochemical Responses in Cancer Cells: Importance of Apoptotic Pathways
    pp.251-265 (15) Authors: Yuliya Sedletska, Marie-Josephe Giraud-Panis, Jean-Marc Malinge
  Multi-Nuclear Platinum Drugs: A New Paradigm in Chemotherapy
    pp.267-279 (13) Authors: Nial J. Wheate, J. Grant Collins
  Progress in the Development of Aminopeptidase N (APN/CD13) Inhibitors
    pp.281-301 (21) Authors: Wenfang Xu, Qianbin Li
  Lanthanide Bearing Microparticulate Systems for Multi-Modality Imaging and Targeted Therapy of Cancer
    pp.303-313 (11) Authors: S. W. Zielhuis, J. F.W. Nijsen, J. H. Seppenwoolde, B. A. Zonnenberg, C. J.G. Bakker, W. E. Hennink, P. P. van Rijk, A. D. van het Schip
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