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Current Molecular Medicine

Volume 12 Issue 5
ISSN: 1566-5240
eISSN: 1875-5666


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  IL-10 Producing Regulatory B Cells in Mice and Humans: State of the Art
  pp.519-527 (9) Authors: J. -D. Bouaziz, H. Le Buanec, A. Saussine, A. Bensussan, M. Bagot

IL-10-producing regulatory B cells have been undoubtedly identified in mice and shown to downregulate inflammation, making them potentially important for maintenance of tolerance. Several recent works have also identified IL-10 producing regulatory B cells in humans and have begun to unravel their phenotype and mode of suppression. Cell surface phenotype of human Bregs includes CD38, CD27, CD24 and CD5. Mechanisms of suppression may imply inhibition of CD4+ T proliferation, inhibition of Th1 differentiation, induction of regulatory T cells and suppression of monocytes activation. These recent findings imply that manipulating IL-10 production by human B cells could be a useful therapeutic strategy for modulating immune responses in humans.

  Keywords: B cell, interleukin 10, tolerance
  Affiliation: Hopital Saint Louis, INSERM U976, Equerre Bazin, 1 avenue Claude Vellefaux, F-75010, Paris, France.
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