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Current Signal Transduction Therapy

Volume 5 Issue 1
ISSN: 1574-3624


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  pp.i-i (1) Authors: Gyorgy Keri, Axel Ullrich

The journal Current Signal Transduction Therapy will start its 5th year in 2010 and in the past four years it has covered a very broad spectrum of the signaling- related molecular pathomechanisms and the existing and potential therapeutic possibilities.

The journal has been very well received by the scientific community as it has generated an impact in three years and it is acknowledged and cited in many scientific publications.

The current aim of the journal is to become a leading journal and a unique forum for describing and analyzing the causes and the perspectives of signaling related diseases and therapies with special emphasis on recently emerged concepts as “multiple targets” and “novel targeted therapies”, “network signaling”, “molecular diagnostics”, “systems biology”, “personalized therapy” and “integrated drug and pharmacodiagnostic biomarker development”. If we want to understand signaling disorders for therapeutic intervention we have to get a deeper insight into these fields. So in the forthcoming years CSTT intends to cover various aspects of these signaling related areas and concepts.

In the very complex area of network signaling and multiple targets we have to face the problem that the proteins encoded in the human genome are coordinated and regulated in a very complex way via protein-protein interactions and further posttranslational modifications including phosphorylation, glycosylation, sulphation, acetylation, ADP ribozylation and ubiquitinylation. These processes tremendously increase the heterogeneity of the proteome, which needs to be thoroughly analyzed to distinguish between causes and causatives from the pathological point of view and to identify the points of interference.

The Editors of CSTT have decided to dedicate certain issues of the journal for such hot topics in signaling and signal transduction therapy.

Glycosylation of nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine (O-GlcNAc) monosaccharides has been identified recently as a very important, abundant posttranslational modification.

So the current issue of CSTT is dedicated to glycosylation particularly O-GlcNAc modification of proteins which seems to be a very important signaling mechanism of proteins and actually it seems to be a complementary signal for phosphorylation.

Prof. Brigitte Schmitz from the University of Bonn, one of the outstanding experts of the field has accepted our invitation to act as guest editor for this “hot-topic” issue and she has brought along a highly respected group of scientists to provide a really comprehensive and detailed overview of the role of O-GlcNAc modification of the proteins in signaling and signaling disorders. We are confident that this hot-topic issue will be very interesting and informative for the scientific community interested in novel aspects of signaling and signal transduction therapy.

  Affiliation: Vichem Chemie Research Ltd. 1022. Herman O. u. 15 Budapest, Hungary.
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