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Recent Patents on Nanomedicine

Volume 1 Issue 2
ISSN: 1877-9123
eISSN: 1877-9131


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  pp.87-87 (1) Author: Victor Manuel Castano Meneses
doi: 10.2174/10087

In today's highly competitive publishing market, launching a new journal like Recent Patents in Nanomedicine (PNM), represents both challenges and opportunities. The challenges: to meet the international standards of a well-positioned company as Bentham Science, with a standing tradition of innovation and quality in offering attractive products to a demanding global public and to differentiate the new publication from similar or pretending equivalent journals. The opportunities are there, for those daring enough to face them: to offer a dynamic forum for one of the most exciting scientific enterprises of the last decades and to start a new tradition of truly not only multi but, mainly, transdisciplinary work in the World of R

The aims of RPnM are certainly ambitious, for we pretend not only to attract the best researchers and technologists worldwide working in Nanotechnology focused on medical issues, but to offer a magazine to the readers where the most advanced Biomedical Nanotechnology publications fit to print can be certain to be found. At the end, we want PNM to become an obliged reference for those looking for the keywords that distinguish us: Nano and Medicine.

This, however, requires the support of a prestigious house as Bentham Science, which we gratefully acknowledge, in particular to their very efficient and kind staff, Ms. Noureen Azher (Manager Publication, Recent Patents on Nanomedicine) & Editorial Team, key to the success of this idea, but, above all, we require the enthusiastic participation of reputed scholar who have decided to accept our invitation for this opening issue and to whom I'm personally indebted. We also are fortunate to count with a superb list of Editorial Board Members, all very distinguished professionals in their fields, and who shall ensure the quality of the material to be published. Thanks to all and my promise to keep you all very busy with excellent material to revise.

I believe this present issue truly represents the broad field that nanoMedicine has become, for it includes articles on novel nanomedicines for cancer, microfluidics fabrication of nanoparticles, a report on the use of platinum nanoparticles for oxidative stress-associated pathologies, the use innovative of a quantum mechanics effect, such as the Giant MagnetoResistance, in medical applications, the technology to produce drug nanocrystals, new multilanthanide materials for imaging purposes, a review of patents related to biomedical applications of fullerenes and other on patents of nanomedicines for brain targeting.

Finally, we thank the present and future readers of PNM for their support and encourage them to submit their work and to contact our office for any suggestions, ideas and criticisms, which will be always immediately attended.

  Affiliation: Center of Applied Physics and Advanced Technology National Autonomous University of Mexico Juriquilla Campus Queretaro Mexico
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